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Society Registration, Society Compliance, Society Managers, Auditing, Maintaining Society Billing / Receipts and Accounts upto finalisation, Adoption of Model Bye-laws, Society Taxation (IT TDS GST), Society Conveyance, Society Re-development Compliance, Tailor-made Services as required

An exclusive and dynamic, cloud based ready to use Society Solution.

About Us

You get everything in Society Services here ..

Mr. Sanjay N. Adhyaru (B. Com, G. D. C & A.) is a Govt. Certified Auditor, Co-operative Societies in Maharashtra and a Professional Accountant & Society Management Consultant specialised in services to Co-operative Housing / Premises / Indistrial Estates Societies since 1995. Under his able guidance & organized operating procedures, eSocietyOffice is satisfactorily serving more than 150 Co-operative Housing / Premises / Indistrial Estates Societies executing online and offline tasks in Society Formation, Society Accounting, Statutory Consultancy, Management, Taxation, Auditing, Deemed Conveyance, Re-Development and all Auxiliary services to approx. 8,000 members throughout Maharashtra.

Mr. Vijay Vyas, Software professional since 1995, in the Real Estate Industry with Builders and Promoters. He has provided ERP Solutions to more than 100 builders pan India.

Now, with the help of their associates, they have set course to apply their knowledge and expertise to provide seamless services, all under one roof, to Co-operative Housing / Premises / Indistrial Estates Societies for coming up to mark and being in full compliance taking care of the provisions of The Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act - 1960, Rules - 1961, Model Bye-laws and Government Resolutions, Guidelines, Circulars and Notifications from time to time. eSocietyOffice is the only cloud based solution runs along with the controls enabled as per the MCS Act Rules and Bye-laws. You get almost all pre-filled forms in a minimal clicks. eSocietyOffice is supported by a team of dedicated Society Consultants, Advocates, Chartered Accountants, IT Experts and Support executives.

Our Services

eSocietyOffice offers an advantage of both Online (cloud-based) or offline Services wherein services such as Society e-Registration, Accounting, Billing with epayment facilities, Taxation and deemed conveyance services are provided online at your bank’s branches. Also, with trained executives for back-office support to co-operative banks who are desirous to serve their co-operative societies account holders and thus can expand Bank’s Society segment business to grow together by growing services to societies.And services such as Statutory Consultancy, Society Management, Auditing and Re-Development Consultancy Services and all auxiliary services where the banks are offered good referral commission in return by eSocietyOffice and hence in this way also, the banks can serve their cooperative customers by their own through eSocietyOffice.

eSocietyOffice services is of interest to the honorary committee members who has more important things to do with their TIME, such as discharge their duties and making money in their business, taking care of family in off-days rather than trying to become an Accounting & Management wizard overnight. This service is easy to implement and is as simple to administer as being able to distinguish the difference between an Apple and an Orange. eSocietyOffice does this by recruiting & training staff specialising solely in this area of the respective functions and taking a systematic but simple approach to achieve it.

Why eSocietyOffice?

The decision involves the consideration of TIME, MONEY, EXPERTISE & PRACTICLE KNOWLEDGE IN RESPECTIVE FIELDS. Bourse also need to make time to collate, file, study the requirements of the new rules, analyse, write up or enter Bourse transactions into a computer to be able to comply with Bourse regulations …… So …………. Much ……………………. Time !!!!

How Our Services Work?

In developing the service, the aim was to find a solution to gather, collate and process Bourse accounting data from an array of vastly different Bourse operations in a systematic and timely manner, ensuring that the Bourse data collected would allow preparation of a complete, accurate and timely accounting. Societies are given a users’ manual and checklist of the documents we require for each reporting period. A collection satchel is used to pick up & delivery your records at committees’ desktop. We will guide you through the complete process. Upon completion, your folder containing your Bourse records reports are delivered back to you. If you wish, a hard copy of the reports will be sent to you by mail / courier. The major benefit of the record keeping system we use is that at the end of each reporting period the task of putting the items on your checklist into the folder for collection is simple. Time is money to the Registrars & Auditors also and if he can determine quickly that you have all your records in place and in a systematic manner, he is not likely to waste his valuable time for minor corrections. We offer to provide Book keeping and Billing, Receipts, Reporting Services for Bourse.

The Services Include:

- Maintaining a full set of your Books up to Finalisation.
- Generation of Periodical Bills and Receipts.
- Auditing of Accounts.
- Arrears list for display in to Bourse Notice Board.
- Monthly Bank Books, Cash Books.
- Expert Advisory Services on Accounts & Finance.
- No Extra & Hidden Charges including free pickup, delivery and all kind of printing charge.


For the fee you're paying, you will receive the following Jobs and Reports:
- Periodical Bills & Receipts to every unit holders.
- Monthly Maintenance of your full set of Accounts.
- Income & Expenditures Statement for the Month.
- Trial Balances Every Quarter.
- Balance Sheet up to Finalisation.
- Compliance Notes to the Accounts.
- Monthly Cash & Bank Reconciliation.

How do we Operate?

For Accounting Services - Collection of the Documents will be done on a Monthly basis, normally the beginning of the month following the closing month. If no problem is encountered in the process of the transaction accounting, you should be receiving the mentioned deliverables in no later two/three days after the date of collection. If Accounting is to be processed at Bourse’s office, our staff will manage the Accounting shall report to the Committee Members.

Contact Us

Mr. Sanjay N. Adhyaru
B. Com., G. D. C & A.
Govt. Certified Auditor - Co-operative Societies
Mumbai - IV Division, Maharashtra
Empanelment No 18868 (Class B).

A/4, Jay Sukh Sagar, M. G. Road,
Opp. Swaminarayana Temple,
Kandivali (West),
Mumbai 400 067.


+91 93216-93495

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